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FREE DELIVERY on all orders, whatever the Price!
FREE DELIVERY on all orders, whatever the Price!
Protecting yourself from fraud when shopping online

Protecting yourself from fraud when shopping online

At Storeline UK, we want you to be safe when shopping online. Here's some tips to help you shop safely.

Checking a website is secure:

When using ecommerce sites it is important to check the site is legitimate, for example when using Storeline UK it will always show "" in the address bar and will show a padlock, that looks like this:

We recommend using Google Chrome for internet browsing as it is by far the most secure. We're not sponsored, however from past experience most of our customers who have encountered fraud was due to their browser not doing enough to protect them, such as Internet Explorer that doesn't have enough security features.
If you're not using Chrome you can install it here:
o find out about site security when using Chrome, click here:

Fraud when using PayPal:

PayPal itself is a very secure system, and it is accepted on Storeline UK and many other major online retailers. However, it is very common for fraudsters to impersonate PayPal in order to get money. All PayPal emails will come from an "" address and will be free of typos.
If you receive an email from PayPal don't click any links in the email, instead type "" (without the quotes) into the Google Chrome address bar and login to your account.

Madi's story:

Let's imagine you're selling furniture on Facebook marketplace and somebody approached you about purchasing it and asks to pay on PayPal. This is a real story.

Now upon reading this email, you would think this makes sense, however, it raises a few questions:
- Why doesn't she just pay the courier directly?
- Why does she trust Madi with £520 when she's never met her?
This is all very suspicious, and is a very common scam.

She then received an email, claiming to be from PayPal:

This should be an obvious fake as PayPal never operates in this way, however many people have been scammed this way so you should always be careful, and always contact your bank before making any transfer.

Thankfully Madi did the right thing and contacted Storeline UK who confirmed it was a scam.


If you encounter a scam like this, contact your bank, or Storeline UK on:

+44 330 043 1357


There are also scams that claim that your Storeline UK online account or your Apple ID have been locked:

This email and website have been setup by scammers and are trying to obtain financial or login information.

This is an email impersonating Storeline UK:

As you can see,
- This email has been sent from a generic, personal address whereas our emails always come from an "" address.
- There are many typos, while our staff are human and may occasionally make a mistake they would never do anything this awful.
- Anyone can steal our logo, it doesn't mean it's really us.

Upon further inspection of the webpage you can see the domain is not the official "" address and the connection is "Not Secure" meaning you are on a fake site.

And as you can see, Google Chrome has warned against it.

So remember to be safe when shopping online and always contact us first if you feel unsafe.

There are many other scams so here's the link to the Lloyds Bank Fraud Center with further information:

And remember, only shop from trusted sites such as Storeline UK as we'll help protect you from fraud.

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